The Founders Room at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion provides an elegant setting for entertaining, celebrating, or visiting with friends and business associates.  Founders is a private club whose members make generous, annual donations to the Opera and often to other resident companies on The Music Center Campus.

Benefits include:

  • Pre-performance dining
  • Intermission services
  • Spacious and well-appointed lounge facilities
  • VIP concierge services
  • Parking privileges*



Membership to the Founders Room requires a $100,000 commitment, payable over a maximum of five years. Membership privileges extend to the Founders Rooms at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ahmanson Theatre and include access to convenient Founders parking and special Founders garage entrances. In addition to your gift, there are $1,000 annual membership dues to the Music Center.

LA Opera Founders Membership

This limited-time opportunity offers membership at a significantly reduced rate of $50,000 payable over a five year period. Privileges are for five years and apply to the Founders Room at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for LA Opera performances only. In addition to your gift, there are $1,000 annual membership dues to the Music Center. 

 * benefit specific to Music Center Founders membership.


"Architect Welton Becket designed the Music Center's three buildings, working closely with Tony Duquette on the interiors. Legend has it, however, that Dorothy Chandler requested her personal designer, Leonard Stanley, steer the look of the Founders Room, according to the Music Center.

Chandler's towering portrait, an oil painting by William F. Draper, hangs in the center of the room, above an always-fresh bouquet of flowers. Two of the glittering, Venetian glass chandeliers are actually film set props from the 1938 MGM musical "The Great Waltz." Duquette procured them from an auction. A third chandelier was custom made to match. 

The Founders Room has hosted Grace Kelly and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. In 1983, Chandler entertained Queen Elizabeth II here. As they entered the reception, legend has it that Chandler turned to the queen and said: 'Welcome to my palace.'"

Source: LA Times "Founders Room provides inner sanctum for the serious Chandler patron"


To learn more about membership in the Founders Room, please contact:

Janneke Straub
Director, Leadership Gifts