We value our employees and want them to attend our performances. Current LA Opera employees receive a standard 20% discount off packages or tickets and LA Opera's 2@2 program allows current employees to attend the opera for free! We will also waive standard ticketing fees and notify you of other staff offers as inventory allows.

Request 2 complimentary tickets 2 hours before the performance

Current employees not working a performance may go to the box office beginning two hours prior to a performance with their LA Opera employee ID badge and request two complimentary tickets based on availability. The two tickets can only be used by the employee and an optional guest. If the employee is not going to be sitting in one of the seats for the performance, the tickets must be returned to the box office for resale/reissue to another employee.

Current employees who are working a performance (example: performing in the orchestra or working backstage during a performance) may go to the box office with their LA Opera employee ID badge beginning two hours prior to a performance and request one complimentary ticket subject to availability. This ticket may be given to a guest of the employee’s choosing, however, the guest must be a close friend, family member or agent/manager.

Please Note: If you are attending LA Opera on a complimentary ticket, you and your guests are expected to keep your masks on during the entire performance and otherwise model respectful audience behavior. Those who do not will lose the privilege of obtaining complimentary tickets for future performances.

 Set-up your employee ID account
To reduce wait times at the box office window and improve accuracy, employees may have a preexisting ticketing account and a Box Office issued sticker on the back of their employee ID that displays the box office account information prior to taking advantage of an LA Opera employee ticket offer. If you do not have this information, the Box Office staff should be able to find your account with your name. If you do not have an account, you may be asked to create an account, and will need to supply the Box Office their first/last name, home mailing address, email, and phone.

 2@2 TIPS

  • Attend early in the run. While we try to accommodate everyone, availability is based on demand; the more popular a show or performance, the fewer seats will be available for LA Opera's 2@2 program. Midweek performances and performances early in the run typically have more availability than weekend or later performances.
     Sunday's are particularly popular.
  • Before coming to the theater, check the website to get an idea of how full the performance is. When in doubt, call the Box Office at 213.972.8001 for advice.
  • Arrive early to the performance. Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis.
  • To expedite the line: Have your ID out and ready before you reach the Box Office window and be ready to let the box office staff know if you receive 1 ticket (because you are working the performance and can't sit with your guest) or 2 tickets (because you are watching the performance with your guest).



Current LA Opera employees receive 20% off any LA Opera single or package ticket purchase with valid LA Opera employee ID and box office issued sticker applied to the back.


  • This program is available to current LA Opera employees only 
  • Complimentary tickets are not transferable to another party 
  • Tickets purchased with the employee discount may not be resold 
  • All tickets are subject to availability as determined by the marketing department based on sales trends. If receiving comps, you may not select your own seats and tickets are not guaranteed (see “Tips” above). 
  • Attending employees and their guests must wear business or cocktail attire for opening night performances; business casual is acceptable for other performances.  
  • Employees and their guests are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to curtain and be courteous to other audience members and working staff at all times. No talking, eating, drinking or otherwise disturbing others during the performance; mobile devices should be silenced and turned off.  

By taking advantage of complimentary or discounted tickets offered to employees, you agree to comply with all the above. Employees who do not comply themselves or who have guests who violate these rules may lose the opportunity to receive complimentary tickets through the 2@2 program.