We’re so glad you’re here because that means you want to attend a performance (and we love that about you). As part of our employee benefits and perks, we are pleased to offer employees a variety of ticket options for attending our performances.


LA Opera employees may purchase tickets to any LA Opera performance at a 20% discount, as soon as tickets are on sale for that production to the general public. Employees wishing to purchase more than 4 tickets to a performance must obtain advance approval by the director or VP of marketing; requests to do so should be sent to Tickets purchased with the Employee Discount may be used for personal use, family, close friends or given as a personal gift, but they may not be resold. Please see "Rules and Regulations" below for more restrictions and information. 

To purchase these discount tickets, please call the box office at 213-972-8001 and have your Music Center ID handy. These discount tickets are not available online.


For certain performances, LA Opera employees may reserve complimentary tickets online in advance. Marketing will send an email notifying employees that a performance has been designated as an Advanced Employee Comp Ticket Performance. Generally you will be notified of this approximately a week before the performance, though in some instances it may be closer to the performance.

This email also will include the number of complimentary tickets available per employee for that performance and a link to an employee ticket reservation online portal. Through this link you will be able to select your own seats. This link and offer may only be used by LA Opera employees, and these tickets may not be sold or used for any other purpose other than attendance by the employee, their family or close friends. If you wish to share your advanced complimentary tickets with friends and family, you must first obtain the tickets using your contact information, and then you may forward the tickets to your guests.

These advanced employee complimentary tickets include a $5/ticket processing fee, which you will pay during the reservation process. The $5 helps cover the facility fee the company is required to pay for each ticket issued, including complimentary tickets, and box office costs.

employee standby tickets 

(Formerly known as “2@2”)  

We continue to offer Employee Standby Tickets at the Box Office window beginning two hours prior to curtain for each performance. Please bring your Music Center ID to obtain these tickets. Employees who are performing or working backstage may obtain one guest ticket. Employees who are able to sit for the show may obtain a ticket for themselves plus one optional guest ticket.

The company will continue to cover the cost of the processing fee for these Standby Tickets. As a reminder, these are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be available for all performances. Our Box Office team will assist you with Standby Tickets as efficiently as possible, but please remember they may need to first attend to paying customers, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

TO DO: Get your sticker 

To redeem standby tickets, you will need a sticker on the back of your Music Center badge containing your unique ticket ID number (also your Tessitura account number).

If you don’t have a sticker:  

  • Admin staff: please visit the box office window during regular box office hours. 
  • Non-admin staff and artists: please contact your manager here at LA Opera. 


  • Attend early in the run and shoot for mid-week for the best availability. Sundays typically have the least availability.  
  • Before coming to the theater, check the website to get an idea of how full the performance is. When in doubt, call the Box Office at 213.972.8001 for advice. 
  • Arrive early. Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis.  
  • To expedite the line: Have your ID out and ready before you reach the Box Office window and be ready to let the box office staff know if you receive 1 ticket (because you are working the performance and can't sit with your guest) or 2 tickets (because you are watching the performance with your guest).  

RULES AND REGULATIONS (yeah, they stink, but we have to)

  • It is a violation of LA Opera’s policies for anyone to sell or resell a ticket obtained through an employee ticket offer, discount or program. Selling a ticket obtained through an employee ticket benefit may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of employment.
  • Please ensure any employee tickets you obtain are used and scanned by a ticket taker as you’re entering the theater (so if you enter from back of house, please proceed to the front to have your ticket(s) scanned). The company monitors which complimentary tickets are not scanned, and if you obtain complimentary tickets that are not used, you may lose access to such tickets in the future. Please make sure any guests with whom you share your tickets are aware of this.
  • If you obtain complementary tickets and then later realize you are not able to use them, please call the Box Office at 213-972-8001 so that your ticket may be re-issued to someone who is able to attend.
  • Complimentary tickets may not be transferred to another party for any reason, including as a donation.
  • Employee ticket offers are available to those with a current and valid LA Opera ID only. 
  • Standby tickets are to be exclusively used by an employee and one guest; or just one guest if the employee is working.  
  • Employees may not use will-call to distribute tickets to others. 
  • Employee ticketing benefits may not be combined with other offers.  
  • While tickets purchased with the employee discount may not be resold, they may be donated to a nonprofit as a fundraiser upon approval of the director of communications. 
  • All tickets are subject to availability as determined by the marketing department based on sales trends.
  • If receiving complimentary tickets, you may not select your own seats and tickets are not guaranteed (see “Tips” above).  
  • Attending employees and their guests must wear business or cocktail attire for performances.
  • Employees and their guests are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to curtain.  
  • Employees and their guests are required to be courteous to other audience members and working staff at all times. No talking, eating, drinking or otherwise disturbing others during the performance; mobile devices should be silenced and turned off. 

By taking advantage of complimentary or discounted tickets offered to employees, you agree to comply with all the above. Employees who do not comply themselves or who have guests who violate these rules may temporarily or permanently lose the opportunity to receive employee ticket benefits.