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Why I Give: Freddi and Kenneth Hill

Posted on: February 24, 2023

Bella Voce Society members and loyal subscribers Freddi and Kenneth Hill are joining LA Opera in celebrating the company’s recently announced 2023/24 Season. “We attended La Traviata in the inaugural season, and it was love at first sight,” Ken Hill says. “And hearing,” adds his wife, Freddi. “Opera touches all of one’s senses.” 

Despite being alumni of crosstown rivals UCLA and USC, these L.A. natives have managed to live together for the past 41 years—in part because of their shared love of music.   

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Freddi and Kenneth Hill

Freddi’s parents were among the founders of the original Music Center, and she says it is a pleasure to continue her family’s philanthropy. In addition to providing annual support, the Hills have included the company in their estate plans.   

Making a legacy gift is an easy and meaningful way to help keep opera alive,” Ken says. The Hills note that their bequest, like other testamentary gifts that allow donors to enjoy assets during their lifetimes, has not impacted their lifestyle.  

Not ready to retire, Freddi is an agent specializing in health insurance. Ken started as a civil engineer before becoming a professor of management at USC. He now teaches yoga in their garden.  

While they have enjoyed many LA Opera productions, the Hills list the most memorable as the unexpected but “wonderful” production of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk by Dimitri Shostakovich. One of the performances they attended was conducted by Maxim Shostakovich, Dimitri’s son. Through fortuitous timing, the Hills were able to speak with Maxim after the performance. Ken says, “Shostakovich is my favorite composer, and meeting Maxim was a thrill!”   

During the past 38 years, the Hills have met many interesting artists and donors. Freddi and Ken were impressed by people who put LA Opera in their trusts so that the art form could continue to touch the hearts of opera lovers for generations to come. According to the Hills, “We thought we could, and should, do the same thing.”   

The Hills are pleased to be part of the Bella Voce Society because it provides an opportunity to meet others who also feel strongly about supporting the future of opera. 

The Bella Voce Society: 

The Bella Voce Society celebrates the people who create future gifts for LA Opera. If you’re interested in making a planned gift—or if you’ve already provided for LA Opera in your estate plans—just reach out and let us know. We’d like to honor you, too. To learn more about Legacy Giving, contact Amy Swain at 213.972.3141 or