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Posted on: October 7, 2022

LA Opera has a new initiative that we are quite excited about. It has always been a goal and mission of LAO to foster a diverse and inclusive community within the city of Los Angeles. Our aim is to forge authentic, and long-standing relationships with diverse communities and the key thought leaders influencing them. This led to the creation of the LA Opera Legacy Ambassador Program.

The LA Opera Ambassador Selection Committee selected Los Angeles' greatest icons, influencers, thought leaders, business executives, and community leaders to serve as a conduit to cultivate transparent dialogue, access and exposure to opera and the arts. While the list of Ambassadors is quite extensive, we decided to highlight a few that you may recognize:

Dwayne Wade
Whoopi Goldberg
Nancy Yoon  
Gabrielle Union  
Tomas J. Benitez
Jada Pinkett Smith

Click here to see the full list, picture, and bios of the LA Opera Legacy Ambassadors.