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Award Worthy Work

Posted on: January 26, 2022

Big news: our Wig and Make-up department scored four Make-up Artist and Hairstyle Guild Award nominations for every show in our fall season. Their work was so outstanding, in fact, that they were nominated twice in each category for Best Make-up and Best Hairstyling in a Theatrical Production.  

Wig Master Raquel Bianchini and her colleagues Danielle Richter, Brandi Strona, Morgan Sellers, Nicole Rodrigues, Sarah Wagner, and Marylou Hernandez are deservingly recognized for their work on Il Trovatore, Tannhäuser and Cinderella.  

Screen Shot 2022 01 26 at 2.12

Left to right: Raehann Bryce-Davis as Azucena in "Il Trovatore;" Yulia Matochkina as Venus in "Tannhäuser;" Serena Malfi as Angelina in "Cinderella" (Photos: Cory Weaver and Craig T. Mathew)

For Raquel, the recognition is even sweeter because she gets to share it with her team. "Getting to work with such an incredibly talented and dedicated team makes that moment when everything comes together beautifully on stage all the more satisfying. The best thing about this job is not a single one of us could make it happen alone. It takes all of our combined efforts to be successful. I’m extremely proud to be recognized for our work together.” 

Join us in sending a big bravi tutti to these stellar artisans and the rest of their fantastic team.