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The Opera You've Been Waiting For

Posted on: May 5, 2022

An opera as grand as Aida only comes around once a decade (or more). Literally. Verdi's epic love story returns to our stage for the first time in 16 years with a lavish, new-to-LA production featuring a full chorus, orchestra, ballet and stunning designs from LA artist RETNA.  

Need another reason to come see Aida? It's as grand as it is approachable. You don't need to be an opera connoisseur to understand and fall in love with the story and music. In fact, it might just be the perfect opera for lifelong fans and newbies alike.  

Here’s why: 


At its core, Aida is a story about two secret lovers from rival kingdoms that are at war. In our production, the fabulous Latonia Moore takes on the title role alongside Russell Thomas, who is guaranteed to stun audiences as her beloved Radamès. If a secret romance isn’t dramatic (or operatic) enough, Aida is forced to make an impossible choice between the love of her life or loyalty to her homeland.  

And don’t worry about not understanding Italian—or the language of any other opera we have on our stage, for that matter. We always project subtitles in English around the theater so you can sit back, relax and follow along as you enjoy the show.  

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Latonia Moore as the title role in our production of "Aida" (Photo: Cory Weaver)


Close your eyes and picture what you think an opera should look like: a big stage with world-class singers in fancy costumes, a giant chorus and orchestra—the works. Now imagine all of that, but with a new twist that’ll make you rethink what opera is supposed to be. 

Our production has a cast of powerhouse singers and the most talented orchestra musicians and choristers around. But it also has a stunning, new-to-LA staging that incorporates contemporary street art from the city’s own RETNA. Even if you’re someone who has seen Aida a dozen times, we can promise that this production is different from the rest.  


Aida is one of Verdi’s best loved masterpieces for a reason. The music is iconic. You’ve probably heard it without even realizing. The bold and brassy Triumphal March is this opera’s pièce de résistance. It’s fitted out with trumpet fanfares and the full force of a 63 person chorus. But it, of course, still has delicate arias and melodies that will 100% bring a tear to your eye.  

We could go on, but we think it’s best to let the music speak (or sing) for itself. 

This production of Aida has it all, and with some of the most famous music in all of opera and a gorgeous take on ancient Egypt, we can confidently say: this lavish spectacle is the one you've been waiting for. 

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