Auditions for Associate Principal and Fourth Chair Double Bass will take place on October 3 and 4, 2024, in Los Angeles.  Please fill out this form, and the repertoire list and information will be sent to you shortly.

The LA Opera Orchestra, generously underwritten by Terri and Jerry Kohl, has a core roster of 61 players, augmented for each production according to the demands of the music. Players in the company’s resident ensemble also fill principal positions in other Southern California symphony orchestras and chamber groups, and they record in Hollywood film, television and recording sessions. These exceptional musicians provide artistic continuity from production to production and contribute greatly to the high level of LA Opera’s artistry.

First Violin
Roberto Cani, Stuart Canin Concertmaster
Lisa Sutton, Assistant Concertmaster
Hana Kim
Grace Oh
Olivia Tsui
Dongfang Ouyang
Lucinda Chiu
Armen Anassian

Second Violin
Ana Landauer, Principal
Marisa Sorajja, Associate Principal
Florence Titmus
Leslie Katz
Michele Richards
Cynthia Moussas
Loránd Lokuszta

Erik Rynearson, Principal
Karie Prescott
Shawn Mann
Dmitri Bovaird 
Jing Peng

John Walz, Principal
Rowena Hammill, Associate Principal
Dane Little
Michael Kaufman
Helen Z. Altenbach
Nadine Hall 

Nathan Farrington, Principal
Frances Liu-Wu
Timothy Eckert

Heather Clark, Principal
Angela Wiegand
Sarah Weisz, piccolo

Leslie Reed, Principal
Jennifer Johnson
Sarah Beck, English horn

Stuart Clark, Principal
Donald Foster
Stephen Piazza, bass clarinet

William May, Principal
Judith Farmer
William Wood, contrabassoon

Steven Becknell, Principal
Jenny Kim, Associate Principal
Daniel Kelley
James Atkinson 

Ryan Darke, Principal
David Washburn, Associate Principal

William Booth, Principal
Alvin Veeh
Terry Cravens, bass trombone

James Self, Principal

JoAnn Turovsky, Principal

Gregory Goodall, Principal

Theresa Dimond, Principal

Orchestra Personnel Manager
Brady Steel

Music Librarian
Melisandra Dunker