The LA Opera Chorus, under the guidance of Chorus Director Grant Gershon, plays an integral role in the artistic excellence of the company.

Composed of up to 80 singers, the chorus maintains a core group of 42 with additions as needed depending on the requirements of each opera. These dedicated artists are part of the very essence of LA Opera. In fact, several current singers have performed with the LA Opera Chorus since the 1986 inaugural production of Otello.

Christina Borgioli*
Lisa Crave*
Ayana Haviv
Terri Hill*
Virenia Lind**
Renee Sousa**
Lori Stinson
Courtney Taylor
Rebecca Tomlinson**
Sunjoo Yeo

Elizabeth Anderson
Natalie Beck**
Aleta Braxton***
Sara Campbell*
Veronica Christenson**
Michelle Fournier**
Kelly Krantz
Adriana Manfredi
Adrien Raynier**
Bonnie Snell Schindler
Melissa Treinkman
Jennifer Wallace**

Stephen Arel**
Daniel Babcock
James Callon
Omar Crook*
Steven Harms*
Charles Lane**
Francis Lucaric**
Sal Malaki**
Mark David Miller***
George Sterne***
Todd Strange
Daniel Suk *

Mark Beasom**
Reid Bruton**
Gregory Geiger*
Abdiel Gonzalez*
Robert Hovencamp**
Mark Kelley**
David Kress *
Gabriel Manro
Steve Pence
James Martin Schaefer
Tim Smith**
Arthur Wand**

* has appeared in 50 or more productions
** has appeared in 100 or more productions
*** has appeared in 150 or more productions