Eli Villanueva, a talented and passionate musician, director and educator, brings his magic to every project on which he works. His uniquely energetic and joyful approach draws out consistently remarkable performances from community members and students new to performing, as well as from seasoned professionals. In his 20th season as Resident Stage Director and teaching artist for LA Opera Connects, Eli teaches and directs as many as 2,000 students annually in original productions including, the acclaimed In-School Operas, Opera Camp, and the Community Opera at the Cathedral conducted by Music Director James Conlon.

Mr. Villanueva’s compositions are praised for their appeal to audiences and performers alike. His commissioned works of One-Act operas include Then I Stood Up which premiered in 2017, The White Bird of Poston, Friedl and The Festival Play of Daniel, an adaptation of the 13th-century liturgical play, Play of Daniel. In addition, music ranging from solo to choral works can be found through publishing companies, Fred Bock Music, Laurendale Associates, and Cherry Lane Music.

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