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Elevate your company's brand by partnering with LA Opera, one of the world’s premier cultural institutions. Uniquely positioned, we can support you in achieving your business and branding objectives. Through our distinctive partnership offerings, you'll have the opportunity to engage with the community, access exclusive Opera events, extend benefits to your employees, and entertain your clients. We excel at tailoring partnerships to meet your strategic aims, catering to key stakeholders such as clients, civic leaders, and employees. 

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As a sponsor, your company can play an integral role in some of the most distinctive and influential events and activities throughout Los Angeles. Our sponsorship opportunities offer a platform for your brand to achieve various objectives, including enhancing business visibility, executing strategic marketing initiatives, fostering community engagement, and contributing to philanthropic endeavors. Partnering with LA Opera opens doors to exclusive experiences and connections that align with your company's goals and values, while leaving a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of the greater Los Angeles area.

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LA Opera partnerships centered on philanthropy offer a powerful avenue for companies to make a meaningful impact in the community while aligning with a prestigious cultural institution. Through philanthropic partnerships, companies can support initiatives that promote accessibility to the arts, education outreach programs, and community engagement efforts. 

These partnerships provide opportunities for companies to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and civic engagement, enhancing their corporate reputation and fostering goodwill among stakeholders. By collaborating with LA Opera on philanthropic endeavors, companies not only contribute to the enrichment of cultural life but also play a vital role in creating positive social change and leaving a lasting legacy of support for the arts. 

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LA Opera Sponsorships provide unparalleled opportunities for corporate entertaining, allowing companies to impress clients, reward employees, and strengthen business relationships in a sophisticated and culturally enriching setting. Whether hosting a private reception before a performance, enjoying VIP access to backstage tours, or entertaining guests in premium seating areas, sponsors can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

Our corporate entertainment packages offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of each sponsor, ensuring that every event is seamlessly executed and reflects the company's brand values. By partnering with LA Opera for corporate entertaining, sponsors not only gain access to world-class performances but also demonstrate their commitment to supporting the arts and engaging with the local community. 


We accept contributions of donated goods, products, or services through our in-kind giving program. 


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