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Amplifying Women's Voices in Los Angeles

Posted on: January 22, 2020

The Eurydice Found festival began with the question, “What if Eurydice told her story?” Who better to answer that then the wildly talented and diverse women of the classical music community in Los Angeles (and the world)? We’ve partnered with artists of all disciplines to retell, reimagine and reinterpret women’s experiences. This time, Eurydice speaks for herself…and so do the women of Los Angeles.

From a luncheon at the Ebell of Los Angeles to a symposium focusing on the professional experience of women in the classical community, these events highlight the female perspective in our art form. You can check out the full list of events below, but here are 5 events that focus on women’s experience in the classical world:

1. January 27, 11:30 am - Goddess Fashion Luncheon

Discover the real fashion goddesses with historian Dr. Kimberly Chrisman Campbell. She discusses 18th-century goddess imagery and the neoclassical influence on 18th-century fashion. We’ll trace the rise of neoclassicism from the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the mid-1700s through the Grand Tour and the French Revolution. Enjoy The Ebell of Los Angeles’ art collection, highlighting women artists before and after the luncheon.

2. February 9, 12:00 pm - The Colburn School and The Hildegards: Women in Classical Music Symposium

Join us for a day dedicated to the hard-working women in the classical music community of Los Angeles. Network and engage with your peers at a symposium presented by The Colburn School and The Hildegards: a group for women in classical music.

3. February 13, 7:30 pm - Pasadena City College and The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens: We Look to The Stars

Across history, culture, time and space—every division and divide among us—we all look at the same stars. Join us for a musical celebration of the wonders of the night sky bringing together LA Opera artists with students and faculty from Pasadena City College and Caltech at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens.

4. February 1 – February 23 - Lumee’s Dream: A Sound Installation

Lumee’s Dream is an immersive, audio-visual installation inspired by Ellen Reid and Roxie Perkin’s opera p r i s m, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Music. Reid and Perkins’ tragic character, Lumee, is summoned almost supernaturally through spatialized sound and evocative visuals. The site-specific soundscape will beckon the listener from all corners of Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with its eerie and alluring melodies.

5. February 23 - Returning Soldiers Speak: Veterans Perform Their Poetic Myth (Post-show event)

The Mindful Warrior Project will convene a panel during which veterans discuss Eurydice through the lens of their unique lived experiences. Listen to original music composed by Brooke deRosa, set to text written by United States military veterans. All those with tickets to that afternoon’s of Eurydice are welcome to attend.

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