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Eurydice Found: The Celebration Continues

Posted on: February 11, 2020

Eurydice Found is in full swing. We're four weeks and 36 events into the festival, with a ton more on the way. Even though we have so much goodness in store, we couldn't help but add to it. Two brand-new events just got added to our calendar (and you should add them to your's): a boundary-pushing performance from Anna Wise with GXRLSCHOOL and Orphée at the incredible Deaf West Theatre. So, whether you’re already a familiar face at festival events or you’re ready to begin a new journey, we’re here to explore with you.

FEBRUARY 14 - 23 
EURYDICEwith post-performance events
The journey continues after the curtain drops on performance days. Join us for talks, musical performances and more after each opera performance. Your ticket to the show is your ticket to the talk. 

FEBRUARY 22 AND 23 at 6pm & 8:30pm 


IDEALAB.4: "RE/BIRTH" is an interdisciplinary performance exploring the idea of regeneration, fundamental change, and new beginnings, via the works of Anna Wise. Performed in a series of four intimate, interdisciplinary experiences over two nights at Hot Shot Muffler, RE/BIRTH pushes the boundaries of the “pop concert” form, created and produced by Girlschool with the support of LA Opera and Kensington Presents. Anna Wise will perform a body of work that she composed in response to the transformational process of having her first child with her partner Jon Bap—an experience of fundamental and “shocking” change.
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Orphee Title Comp 3 714

Jean Cocteau’s film Orphée comes to life onstage with Deaf West Theatre this spring. Deaf West’s unique and innovative approach to theatre enhances the experience for all while helping to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds. (Check out this video of Spring Awakening to see what we mean.)

Originally by Jean Cocteau with English Translation by John Savacool.
With the kind permission of the Chairman of the Comite Jean Cacteau
A visiting production at The Odyssey Theatre

Heidi D 714MARCH 14 & 15 at 7pm
Imagine a dance opera directed and choreographed by Heidi Duckler with music composed by Leaha Maria Villarreal. But wait-- it takes place under a bridge. L.A.’s historic 7th Street Bridge to be specific. Seriously. Underway is inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes, which creates a space for Eurydice to be imagined as an independent being. Duckler’s unique choreographic style and Villarreal’s distinctive music will take the audience on a transformative journey to the underworld through Eurydice’s perspective. 

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