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Susan Convirs

Posted on: May 4, 2020

Susan Convirs 
Balboa Gifted/High-Ability Magnet Elementary School (Northridge, CA) 

What programs have you been involved in with LA Opera Connects
I have participated in Community Circle, Elementary In-School Opera, Opera for EducatorsOpera Prep, Saturday Mornings at the Opera, and Voices for Tolerance

What is your favorite memory from this year? 
So many great memories! During the Opera Prep for The Magic Flute, I took the students down to peek into the pit; they were just amazed to see the score with "Mozart" written on it. We had been studying Mozart in class, but I guess they thought they would only see his name in Room 9. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing this year? 
I am proud that I have developed many lessons using opera as a close-reading text to use along with all the materials LA Opera has generously provided to us. I am also proud of the interest in opera that the programs, lessons, teaching artists, and trips to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion have generated for the children. 

What are you most proud of your students accomplishing this year? 
I am proud of their enthusiasm and engagement in the Elementary In-School Opera program. They love all the sets, lights, costumes, music, and interactions with Eli, LeRoy, and the other artists. I am also proud of their engagement with the virtual Voices for Tolerance program. They just love Nani, and they want to work hard to make her proud of them despite feeling silly to sing at home and being nervous to record their voices. 

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