Composer and musician Don Ferrone created the soundtracks for Planetside and Planetside: Core Combat. His work was reviewed in Adrenaline Vault: “Standing as proud as the sound effects is the Planetside music. The compositions,16 in total, are uniformly epic sounding. Carrying a quality that matches or exceeds current film scores, Planetside is a rare exception to the standard of inconsequential background music.”

Don was born in Chicago to a nice Italian family and graduated from the Chicago Musical College. In addition, he studied with the principle bassist of the Chicago Symphony, Joseph Guastefeste. Upon moving to Los Angeles, he became a member of the LA Opera Orchestra, the Hollywood Studio Symphony, the Los Angeles Master Chorale Orchestra and other chamber ensembles.

As a recording musician, he has performed on the soundtracks of some of Hollywood’s top grossing movies: Angels & Demons, A Beautiful Mind, Contact, Pirates of The Caribbean, Rango, The Road to Perdition and many others. Don has also recorded on tracks by Eric Clapton, Sting, Aerosmith, Alanis Morisette, Shinedown and others.

As a composer, Don’s music is featured on the History Channel, Discovery, The Weather Channel and other cable television programming. His style is based on his wide range of musical experience and his love of making a lot of noise.