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Satyagraha Satyagraha

October 20 – November 11, 2018

Company premiere

At the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Following the extraordinary artistic triumphs of Einstein on the Beach and Akhnaten, LA Opera completes the Philip Glass "portrait" trilogy about powerful personalities who changed the world.

"Exquisite... a must-see magnificent production"
Los Angeles Times

Satyagraha (Sanskrit for “truth force”) is inspired by Gandhi’s early years in South Africa, where he developed his groundbreaking ideas about nonviolent political resistance. A visually stunning presentation—starring fast-rising tenor Sean Panikkar as Gandhi—links past, present and future to illuminate a powerful meditation on the lasting effects of human goodness.


Sean Panikkar
Miss Schlesen
So Young Park
Mrs. Naidoo
Erica Petrocelli
J'Nai Bridges
Mr. Kallenbach
Theo Hoffman
Parsi Rustomji
Morris Robinson
Mrs. Alexander
Niru Liu
Lord Krishna
Patrick Blackwell
Prince Arjuna
Michael J. Hawk

Creative Team

Grant Gershon
Phelim McDermott

Please note: Satyagraha does not use supertitles, but features minimal projected English translation projected onto the stage.

An unmissable music theatre experience.
The Guardian

Company premiere

Approximate running time: three hours, 25 minutes, including two intermissions.

A co-production of the Metropolitan Opera and English National Opera, in collaboration with Improbable.

Artwork for Satyagraha
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