Ever wonder how a production all comes together? Or who it is that makes it happen? 

Now's your chance to find out. Take a look at some of the faces of LA Opera you likely haven't met yet, and find out firsthand what life is like at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion before, during and after the show. 

Meet Our Stagehands

Whether it was the flying elevator, onstage showers, or handmade flowers, our incredible team of stagehands, and the incomparable talent at The Scenic Route, built every piece of our Eurydice set from scratch. We were led on a tour before February’s world premiere to see how it all came together. You can catch some of that behind-the-scenes action below, and you can see even more of it on our blog.

As we look back on past productions for this LAO at Home feature, we're reminded of the important roles each and every artisan plays to help bring opera to life. Please consider donating to the LA Opera Relief Fund, which will provide much needed relief for those impacted by production cancelations and will help us continue to support our community during this unprecedented time. 

Washing Your Hands with Lucinda Chu

One of our orchestra's first violinists, Lucinda Chiu and three of her Houston Symphony colleagues (who happen to also be roommates) are playing our heartstrings with a classical take on the viral Vietnamese cartoon "Ghen Cô Vy," or "Washing Hand Song." Check out the video below and catch our (virtual!) chat with Lucinda about her time at LAO, how the video came together, and what she's been up to at home on our blog