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Digital Shorts: Lumee's Dream

Posted on: January 12, 2021

Turbulent times give way for meaningful self-reflection. What (or who) is important to us? What could we have done differently? Who would we sacrifice ourselves for? 

Lumee's Dream, our newest Digital Short, is poised to answer these questions. And now, you can watch it below. 

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NOTE: This video contains kaleidoscopic imagery and may cause dizziness in some individuals.

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A Note from Composer Ellen Reid and Lumee's Dream Text by Roxie Perkins
Lumee's Dream is an aria from "p r i s m," an opera I wrote with librettist Roxie Perkins. Lumee, one of the two main characters, sings this aria while smoking outside a nightclub in the second act, giving us a window into her selfish fantasies. 

Note continued...
The Digital Shorts video, directed by James Darrah, who also directed the opera, is not taken from the production, but is conceived as a companion piece, probing the character's imagined reality. Nadia Sirota channels Lumee through her viola playing, Rebecca Jo Loeb gives voice to the character, and Sasha Rivero and Anna Schubert's physical performances give us a window into her soul. 

Lumee's Dream
Text by Roxie Perkins

I had my favorite dream last night, the one about us.
In the dream I'm a young golden maiden and your hair is dark like a crow.
We live in a stone sanctuary on top of a hill, outside our window is a great sea. Dark, dark, dark blue water. Dark blue without a floor.
And I hear them outside waiting, wanting, and I know what I must do for you.
Careful not to wake you, I hurl myself out of the window.
I am copper and feather slicing through the night and no one can see me.
Down I sink like they want me to.
I stay there all night.
At dawn they are done with me.
Exhausted, I pull my dripping body back to our window where I watch you sleep peacefully as I dry.

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