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Lego Opera

Posted on: March 19, 2020

Opera comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes even in LEGOs. Yup, LEGOs.

Andres showed a strong interest in classical music when he was three. He officially fell in love with opera at age five after he saw The Magic Flute. At 11, he comes to a full season's worth of performances, goes to opera camp over the summers, and has a favorite composer-- Nico Muhly.

LA Opera Camp 2019 Photographer Taso Papadakis 00180

Andres at Opera Camp. Photo credit: Taso Papadakis

He also makes LEGO stop motion videos of his favorite operas so kids can learn about this art form. 

From The Met's Akhnaten to the world premiere of Eurydice,  Andres takes what he sees on stage and transforms it into a new kind of art.

Check out some our favorite videos this creative kid has made. You know they're going to be good. 

LEGO Bohème

We have to start with our 2019/20 season opener (and the opera of all operas), La Bohème. The stage looks spot on. It took him three days to put the whole thing together, but took our crew three days on the turntable alone. 


We know this isn't technically an opera, but our stint in Florence was one to remember. We'll never pass up an opportunity to watch Clara and Fabrizio fall in love. 

Fun fact: Eurydice is Andres' favorite production he's seen at LA Opera, and we can't blame him. He even got the  chance to snap this sweet shot with composer Matthew Aucoin. 

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Andres finished this one when we needed it most. If you missed Roberto Devereux on our stage, you can catch it here instead. We know it's not exactly the same as a live performance, but you have to admit, it's the next best thing right about now. 


We couldn't make this list and leave Akhnaten off of it. In fact, you might have already seen this (over 4,000 people already have). But if not, now's your chance. Want to keep up with all of Andres' LEGO operas? Make sure to subscribe to his account here.