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Stella Lee

Posted on: May 5, 2020

Stella Lee 
West Creek Academy (Valencia, CA) 

What programs have you been involved in with LA Opera Connects?
In addition to attending LA Opera’s mainstage performances, my school has participated in Elementary In-School Opera and Voices for Tolerance.  

What is your favorite memory from this year?   
ALL of it! Seeing the hard work put in by the instructors, students, and teachers has made each year worthwhile and unforgettable! The reactions of parents, friends, family members, and other students who can come and see the shows have been priceless. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?   
I am most proud of the students, of course! I love how much they learn from the programs–these are life changing experiences for them. I am also proud that we got through making the hats for this year's Elementary In-School Opera performance! It was worth the hard work. 

What are you most proud of your students accomplishing this year?   
Mainly, I am proud that the students put their minds to accomplishing something out of their comfort zone and excelled at it! My own son, a fifth grader, was a part of the Elementary In-School Opera program this year, which made it extra special for me. 

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