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Gina Townsend

Posted on: May 7, 2020

Gina Townsend 
Cesar Chavez Elementary School (Norwalk, CA)  

What programs have you been involved in with LA Opera Connects?  
We have been involved in the Elementary In-School Opera program, the Elementary Student Matinees, and the Voices for Tolerance program.  

What is your favorite memory from this year? 
Each year brings amazing memories to a new group of students, and I cannot choose just one favorite memory after so many experiences. However, I can say that these are a few things I look forward to every year: Eli's ability to make the kids laugh and act silly, then get back to business in only seconds; the students constantly singing the songs they are learning while out on the playground with friends; the shy students gaining confidence and getting onstage; and the joyful pride that everyone feels during the performances. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?  
Performances are always the highlight, and everyone LOVES to see the shows. 

What are you most proud of your students accomplishing this year?  
I am always extremely proud of the collaborative efforts of everyone involved, especially the students. 

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