In partnership with Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, LA Opera Connects artists make virtual, bedside visits twice a month to enhance regular, inpatient therapy sessions. Open to all patients in the hospital, regardless of injury level, these concerts uplift, inspire joy and enhance overall wellbeing.

Wendy Burton, Chief of Communication Disorders, said “It’s great to see the patients faces light up and how appreciative they are. Patients feel like this is an escape from the pain of their injury or illness and the loneliness of being in the hospital. Through this interaction, they are transported to a time filled with happier memories.”
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Things to know:

  • Patients have the opportunity to choose songs from a "menu" provided by LA Opera Connects.
  • These 30-minute sessions are provided virtually, via Zoom link.
  • Sessions are monitored by Rancho speech therapist and shared via iPad.

Please contact us if you have questions or want to know how to bring this program to your healthcare facility.

Music in Therapy is made possible by the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation

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Music in Therapy also received funding from 
a Civic Practice Grant from OPERA America’s Opera Fund.