Discover the music that inspired Plácido Domingo.

Join the Zarzuela Project and learn to sing and perform with us.

  • Sing, dance and act—weekly classes are free.
  • No experience necessary
  • Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at Salesian High School
  • Perform onstage at Olvera Street and other unique Los Angeles spots
  • Make it a family tradition—all ages are welcome.
Hold up. what's zarzuela?

Zarzuela is a popular type of Spanish-language musical theater. It's fun, fiery, melodic, silly, energetic…we could go on forever. It's a guaranteed dose of drama and excitement for both performers and audiences.

Inspired by Plácido Domingo's deeply rooted love for the art form (his parents were famous zarzuela performers), we created The Zarzuela Project so that anyone and everyone could come together and experience the magic of performing. Check out a rehearsal or one of our free performances; we’ll save you a spot. You'll have a blast.


The Zarzuela Project is a collaboration with The Mariachi Conservatory. Want to learn to play a mariachi instrument to accompany your singing? Classes are offered free of charge, open to adults and students.

Generous support for the Zarzuela Project from the
California Arts Council
City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs