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The Light in the Piazza The Light in the Piazza

October 1220, 2019

Starring Renée Fleming, Dove Cameron, Rob Houchen and Brian Stokes Mitchell

At the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

It doesn't get any better than this: Renée Fleming, Dove Cameron and Brian Stokes Mitchell in a ravishing musical.

The Light in the Piazza played its final performance on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

The scene is set: Florence, summer 1953. American Margaret Johnson (Renée Fleming) and her daughter Clara (Dove Cameron)  take in the wonder and awe of Florence. A fateful gust of wind whisks Clara’s hat into the hand of a local dreamer...and it's love at first sight. But Clara isn’t quite what she appears, and soon they must all confront a secret kept in the shadows for far too long.

Renée Fleming and Dove Cameron star in Adam Guettel's enchanting Broadway musical, which won six Tony Awards, including Best Original Score and Best Orchestrations. Two-time Tony winner Brian Stokes Mitchell is the debonair Signor Naccarelli with West End musical theater star Rob Houchen as young Fabrizio Naccarelli.

"Renée Fleming delivers the goods... radiant"

Los Angeles Times

"It's a wonderful show. For Renée Fleming it was a tour de force."

Broadway World
Margaret Johnson
Renée Fleming
Clara Johnson
Dove Cameron
Fabrizio Naccarelli
Rob Houchen
Signor Naccarelli
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Signora Naccarelli
Marie McLaughlin
Franca Naccarelli
Celinde Schoenmaker
Roy Johnson
Malcolm Sinclair
Giuseppe Naccarelli
Liam Tamne
Priest / Ensemble
Matthew Woodyatt
Tour Guide / Ensemble
Rhona McGregor
Simbi Akande
Danny Becker
Jordan Castle
Nicholas Duncan
Chlöe Hart
Molly Lynch
Tom Partridge
Monica Swayne

Creative Team

Kimberly Grigsby
Daniel Evans
Robert Jones
Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Mark Henderson
Co-Sound Designer
Kai Harada
Co-Sound Designer
Patrick Pummill
Associate Director
Neil Robinson

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The Light in the Piazza takes place in Italy in the summer of 1953. Margaret Johnson, the wife of an American businessman, is touring the Tuscan countryside with her daughter, Clara. While sightseeing, Clara—a beautiful, surprisingly childish young woman—loses her hat in a sudden gust. As if guided by an unseen hand, the hat lands at the feet of Fabrizio Naccarelli, a handsome young Florentine man, who returns it to Clara. This brief episode, charged with coincidence and fate, sparks an immediate and intense romance between Clara and Fabrizio. Margaret, extremely protective of her daughter, attempts to keep the pair apart.

As The Light in the Piazza unfolds, a secret is revealed: in addition to the cultural differences between the young lovers, Clara is not quite all that she appears. Unable to suppress the truth about her daughter, Margaret is forced to reconsider not only Clara's future, but her own hopes as well.

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Scene 1: Florence: Piazza della Signoria
"Statues and Stories" (Margaret, Clara, Ensemble)

Scene 2: The Uffizzi
"The Beauty Is" (Clara)
"Il Mondo Era Vuoto" (Fabrizio)

Scene 3: The Naccarelli shop
"American Dancing" (Signor Naccarelli, Giuseppe, Fabrizio)

Scene 4: The Duomo

Scene 5: Piazzale Michelangelo
"Passeggiata" (Fabrizio, Clara)

Scene 6: The Naccarelli home
"The Joy You Feel" (Franca)

Scene 7: Margaret and Clara’s hotel room
"Dividing Day" (Margaret)

Scene 8: Florentine Street
"Hysteria" (Clara, Fabrizio)
"Lullaby" (Margaret)

Scene 9: Margaret and Clara’s hotel room
"Say It Somehow" (Clara, Fabrizio)

Act Two
Scene 1: Rome, the ruins

Scene 2: The Naccarelli home
"Aiutame" (Fabrizio, Giuseppe, Franca, Signor Naccarelli, Signora Naccarelli)

Scene 3: Rome, the ruins
"The Light in the Piazza" (Clara)

Scene 4: Florence

Scene 5: The Naccarelli home
"Octet (Part 1)" (Priest, Clara, Franca, Signor Naccarelli, Signora Naccarelli, Fabrizio, Margaret, Giuseppe)
"Clara’s Tirade" (Clara)

Scene 6: The church
"Octet (Part 2)" (Full Company)
"The Beauty Is (Reprise)" (Margaret)

Scene 7: The Naccarelli shop

Scene 8: Florentine street
"Let’s Walk" (Signor Naccarelli, Margaret)

Scene 9: Margaret and Clara’s hotel room

Scene 10: The empty streets of Florence at dawn
"Clara’s Interlude" (Clara)

Scene 11: Outside the church
"Love to Me" (Fabrizio)
"Fable" (Margaret)

Company premiere

Production originally created by Scenario Two, Ltd

Presented by special arrangement with R&H Theatricals Europe. Produced by arrangement with Turner Entertainment Co., owner of the original motion picture Light in the Piazza. Based on the novel by Elizabeth Spencer.

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