From: Bombay, India. LA Opera: Moses (2019, 2023).

Born in Bombay and raised in Kenya and the United States, Shishir Kurup is a longtime member of the nationally renowned Cornerstone Theater Company. For Cornerstone’s Hunger Cycle he acted in Café Vida by Lisa Loomer, directed Seed: A Weird Act of Faith by Sigrid Gilmer, directed Love on San Pedro by James McManus and wrote Bliss Point. In the years before the Hunger Cycle he directed Michael John Garces’ Los Illegals, wrote and directed On Caring for the Beast, was the lyricist for Cornerstone’s Making Paradise: The West Hollywood Musical and directed Lynn Manning’s The Unrequited in the community of Watts, Los Angeles. He has written over 250 songs for various Cornerstone productions. He directed Quiara Hudes’ The Happiest Song Plays Last and Water by the Spoonful at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He has directed and acted at regional theaters around the country.

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