From: Aarhus, Denmark. LA Opera: the Digital Short Between the Rooms (2021, debut).

Kim Brandstrup studied film at the University of Copenhagen and choreography with Nina Fonaroff at the London School of Contemporary Dance. He founded his own dance company, Arc, in 1985, forging a narrative style that owes more to his early cinematic training than to classical story ballet or to the kineticism of contemporary dance.

Throughout his career, and at times at odds with current trends, he has sought a theater of movement that is both powerful and subtle, creating poignant and suggestive narratives that are always intensely human and emotionally revealing.

Since 2005 in freelance commissioned works for a range of international companies including the Royal Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and the Royal Danish Ballet, his narrative approach has found new paths, growing more refined and precise while enjoying a looser, more experimental tone in its storytelling.

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