Born and bred in New York City, Monét X Change is an entertainment spitfire and the first double crown winner from RuPaul’s Drag Race having earned the title Miss Congeniality on Season 10 and became the first queen of color inducted into the Hall of Fame after winning All-Stars 4.

Known for delivering energetic and show-stopping performances, Monét’s showmanship reflects a tireless work ethic. After RuPaul’s DragRace, Monét released a debut EP, Unapologetically and traveled around the globe with her one-woman show, Call Me By Monét, as well as hosted and performed in the Werq The World tour.

Since hosting her talk show, The X Change Rate, produced by Yahoo!, Monét has been focusing her oftentimes sociopolitical humor as the co-host of the popular podcast Sibling Rivalry with co-host Bob the Drag Queen and has begun co-hosting a new podcast with the legendary Lady Bunny, Ebony and Irony.