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LA Opera's Pricing

In 2012, we lowered prices in various sections throughout the hall to increase the number of affordable, quality seats we have available. We also implemented a new pricing system where our lowest prices are reserved for Full Season Subscribers and tickets to individual performances vary according to market demand.


After extensive research, seating sections throughout the theater have been remapped to increase the number of affordable seats offered. Our median base prices for single tickets have decreased by over 10 percent and Full Season Subscribers automatically save an additional 5 percent plus receive exclusive benefits (see Full Season Subscriber Benefits).

To make up for the income the Company might have lost as a result of lowering prices, LA Opera has moved to a demand-based pricing system similar to what most airlines use. Within reason, we will raise prices on our most popular performances as we get closer to the performance date. Full Season Subscribers will continue to pay 5 percent less than the base price.

LA Opera's Demand Base Pricing

for the best deal:

  • Purchase any package and lock in our lowest base price – full season subscribers save an additional 5%!
  • Buy early as prices will increase for the most popular performances
  • Performances earlier in the run as well as weeknight performances are generally less expensive
  • For the best value, look for seats in the back or sides of a section
  • Children ages 9-17 qualify for half-price tickets
  • College students can sign up online for special offers with Opera U
  • Sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive additional special offers
  • If you are a member of a non-profit community group, check out our Community Circle program

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