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Future Gift Intention

The Bella Voce Society thanks, honors, and recognizes all individuals, who have generously chosen to include LA Opera in their future gift plans or who have established a life income gift.

We invite you to join The Bella Voce Society by sharing your intentions with us using the below form.

I/We pledge to support LA Opera with a future gift as follows:
Please check all that apply.

I/We have arranged for:
I/We would like this gift to support:
Please check all that apply.

If you have any trouble completeing this form, please send an e-mail with the above information to legacy@laopera.org. Thank you!

LA Opera recognizes that this gift is subject to change depending on personal and economic circumstances.
This form is not intended to be a legally binding pledge, and any information you provide will remain confidential.
Should your intentions change over time, please let us know.
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