Here's your chance to make a major difference for contemporary opera in Los Angeles.

To support Eurydice, Matthew Aucoin's residency, and the Eurydice Found festival, we are seeking out a special group of LA Opera supporters...

...those who come to the art form for surprises and new perspectives.

...those who are invested in opera's future and those who've witnessed firsthand the magic spun by our artist-in-residence.

Make a gift of $25,000 or more, and you'll join our Eurydice Consortium. Benefits include:

  • recognition in the Performances magazine during Eurydice performances
  • invitations to exclusive events with Matthew Aucoin, the director, and the cast, including the cast supper on opening night
  • invitations to LA Opera final dress rehearsals and all Opera Council benefits
  • membership in the Contemporary Opera Initiative, which includes recognition at all Off Grand performances
  • invitations to Eurydice Found festival events in the community

Eurydice promises to be a transcendent, unforgettable experience. But your donation as part of the Eurydice Consortium is more than just funding for one production. It's your vote of confidence in Matthew Aucoin and in LA Opera -- a sign of your belief in our role plotting the future of the art form and spreading our wings to share our work in Los Angeles and in NYC.

We appreciate all that you've done for LA Opera. And we hope that you will join the Eurydice Consortium to voice your support for this project of international significance and for the fantastic possibilities yet to come for opera, this art form we love.


We want to hear from you. To learn more about the Eurydice Consortium, get in touch at:

Janneke Straub
Director, Leadership Gifts