Charitable bequests through your will are among the easiest ways to make significant future gifts to LA Opera.

One of the easiest and most meaningful ways you can support LA Opera with a legacy gift is to leave us a bequest in your will, in your living trust, or with a codicil. 

These testamentary gifts allow you to enjoy the asset—whether cash, stocks, real estate, or personal property--during your lifetime while ensuring your legacy of philanthropy continues after your lifetime.  They are revocable, meaning you may change your bequest or trust designation at any time.  Importantly,  your bequest or trust designation will not be subject to any potential federal estate tax.

There are several ways you can make a bequest to LA Opera.  Two of the most common are:


This involves making a gift of either a specific asset (such as a home or a coin collection), a specific dollar amount, or a specific percentage of your estate.  For example, you may wish to leave $50,000 to Los Angeles Opera Company, or you may wish to leave 35% of your estate to Los Angeles Opera Company.


This is made from the balance of an estate after the will or trust has distributed specific bequests.  A common residual bequest involves leaving a percentage of the remaining estate to charity.  For example, you may wish to leave 50% of the residue of your estate to Los Angeles Opera Company.

If you are considering a bequest and would like to support a specific purpose or program, please contact us about making a restricted bequest. 


We are happy to work with you and your attorney to help you identify ways to give and accomplish your charitable objectives.  We recommend that your legal representative include the following provision to give LA Opera flexibility should it no longer be possible for LA Opera to use your gift as originally intended. 

If, in the judgment of the Board of Directors of Los Angeles Opera Company (AKA LA Opera), it shall become impossible to use this bequest to accomplish the specific purpose(s) of this bequest, LA Opera may use the income and principal of this gift for such purpose or purposes as the Board determines is most closely related to the restricted purpose(s) of my bequest.    

Below is a link to sample bequest language for use in directing a gift to LA Opera through your will or trust.



Contact our Planned Giving team at 213.972.3141 or

Disclaimer: LA Opera provides information intended to introduce certain concepts, and we caution prospective donors not to rely on it for any legal, tax, investment, or other purpose. We encourage those considering a gift to consult their professional advisors before making any gift.