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LA Opera Off Grand and Beth Morrison Projects combine forces for a fascinating world premiere at REDCAT. A mother and daughter lock themselves away from the world to protect themselves from the dangers lurking outside. But when the girl’s memories contradict her mother’s stories of the past, she must choose between discovering the truth or holding on to the comforts of the only life she's ever truly known. Prism explores the viscosity of memory after trauma, and the lengths one will go to feel better—no matter the cost.


  • Thursday November 29, 2018 08:00 PM
  • Friday November 30, 2018 08:00 PM
  • Saturday December 01, 2018 08:00 PM
  • Sunday December 02, 2018 02:00 PM

Performances take place at REDCAT (631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, 90012)

Commissioned, developed and produced by Beth Morrison Projects.

The LA Opera presentation of Prism will be the first performances in a “rolling world premiere,” to be followed by performances at the Prototype Festival in New York.

Creative Team


Prism tells the story of a young girl, Bibi, and her mother, Lumee, who live locked away in a colorless Sanctuary where they devote all their time to trying to heal Bibi’s legs from a mysterious sickness that has left her immobile. 

Despite their great fear of the outside, their life in Sanctuary is filled with joy as they play games and recount Lumee’s heroic rescue that led them safely to Sanctuary. However, through the crack under their door, outside of Sanctuary, hovering in a void below, lies Chroma, a chorus of Bibi's past selves that are shut out by her repressed memory. Every day when Lumee tries to feed Bibi her Medicine, Chroma comes alive and tries to sneak through the crack under the door, trying to make Bibi remember something hot, remember something wet, remember something from before... Despite desperately wanting to please her mother, every day without fail Chroma’s voices overwhelm Bibi and she spits out her Medicine in order to be free of their sounds.

Fed up with Bibi’s seemingly rebellious refusal to swallow her Medicine, one day Lumee threatens to ban Bibi from their game if she will not take her dose. Devastated at the idea of losing Lumee’s affection, Bibi tries to conquer her fear. That night while Lumee sleeps, Bibi steals some Medicine and tries to swallow her dose. Chroma jumps at their chance to reach Bibi alone and through the crack under the door they flood in a cloud of “Blue,” triggering Bibi’s memory of their life before Sanctuary.

As Chroma illuminates more and more colors and memories from their past, Bibi starts to question Lumee’s heroic rescue story, and whether or not she is really sick at all. Strained under the weight of these new memories, Bibi and Lumee’s relationship begins to fracture and fade as the Sanctuary they’ve constructed literally and emotionally is torn to the ground.

Faced with the truth of their past, Bibi must choose whether to break free of her mother’s lies and face the world alone in all of its terrifying color or to resign herself to living within her mother’s pale, constructed reality in order to hold on to the only love she's ever known.

Prism explores the viscosity of memory after trauma, and the lengths one will go to to protect someone they love from the world, the truth, and themselves, no matter what the price.