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Behind the Curtain #55: Falstaff

In honor of Verdi’s 200th birthday, LA Opera presents a new production of the crowning glory of the composer’s magnificent career, his comic masterpiece Falstaff. Music Director James Conlon, praised internationally for his mastery of Verdi, conducts this unabashed celebration of Merrie Olde England’s lusty days and bawdy nights, starring Italian baritone Roberto Frontali. When Shakespeare’s portly knight of Windsor hatches a plot to improve his love life by courting two different married women, he launches a flood of comic chaos and romantic misadventure.

LA Opera: November 07, 2013

In this edition of LA Opera Behind the Curtain, host Brian Lauritzen visits with Music Director James Conlon to discuss Giuseppe Verdi's final opera, "Falstaff" - his only successful comedy. It's a work that has been part of Mr. Conlon's personal life from the beginning of his career.