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Veils for Desire Veils for Desire

Composed by A Chamber Concert Featuring Matthew Aucoin

March 31, 2021

A Chamber Concert Featuring Matthew Aucoin and Special Guests

At the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

The performance of Veils for Desire has been cancelled due to an LA County mandate as part of the effort to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

If you have already purchased tickets to this performance, the amount paid for your tickets will automatically be placed on your LA Opera account. Have questions or need assistance with your tickets?  Please contact the Box Office at or 213.972.8001 Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. 

We look forward to returning to the stage in September 2021 for our new 2021/22 Season

There are two universal languages in the world: love and music. And when these primal forces intersect, hearts are laid bare, the most intimate secrets are revealed, and hidden passions are unveiled. Spanning four centuries of operatic history — from the early 17th-century masterpieces of Claudio Monteverdi to Matthew Aucoin’s riveting compositions in our own time — this dynamic performance reimagines the traditional chamber concert experience for today’s audiences.

Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo and tenor Paul Appleby join forces with composer/conductor/pianist Matthew Aucoin, along with extraordinary instrumentalists, for an intimate musical traversal through the intricacies of human desire. Guiding us along the way is the celebrated writer and cultural critic Wayne Koestenbaum, whose playful and personal narrations — created specially for the occasion — weave everything together.


"The songs chosen for Veils of Desire were so singular, so remarkable in the juxtaposition of words and eras."


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Musical selections (subject to change):

Benjamin Britten: Abraham and Isaac (Mr. Costanzo and Mr. Appleby)
Claudio Monteverdi: “Possente spirto” from L’Orfeo (Mr. Appleby)
Matthew Aucoin: This Earth (Mr. Costanzo)
Benjamin Britten: “Veggio co’ bei vostr’occhi…” from Michelangelo Sonnets (Mr. Appleby)
Matthew Aucoin: selections from Eurydice (Mr. Costanzo and Mr. Appleby)
J.S. Bach: “Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen” from the St. Matthew Passion (Mr. Costanzo and Mr. Appleby)
Matthew Aucoin: Tony: Ending the Life (Mr. Appleby)
Claudio Monteverdi: “Oblivion soave” from The Coronation of Poppea (Mr. Costanzo)

Featuring musicians from AMOC:
Emi Ferguson, flute
Miranda Cuckson, violin
Coleman Itzkoff, cello
Jonny Allen, percussion

Artwork for Veils for Desire
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