Bass Morris Robinson in Conversation with LA Opera's Christopher Koelsch

Tue 16 February, 2021

Behind the Curtain LIVE: "Los Angeles as Opera: On Gold Mountain"

Tue 9 February, 2021

Conversation with the LA Composers of Modulation: Juhi Basnal, Carmina Escobar, Jojo Abot, and Yvette Janine Jackson

Tue 2 February, 2021

Opera Happy Hour: "Tying the (K)not"

Tue 26 January, 2021

From the Vaults: "p r i s m" Composer Ellen Reid with Brian Lauritzen

Tue 19 January, 2021

Opera Happy Hour: "Pop Culture and Opera - Friends or Foes"

Tue 12 January, 2021

Opera's Romantic Nationalism: Wagner's Tannhäuser and Masculinity

Tue 29 December, 2020

James Conlon's Holiday Stars of Classical Music

Tue 22 December, 2020

History vs. Opera: Tannhäuser

Tue 15 December, 2020

James Conlon on Tannhäuser and the Wagnerian Universe

Tue 8 December, 2020

Building a More Diverse Repertoire: A Panel with Music

Tue 24 November, 2020

James Conlon on The Anonymous Lover

Thu 12 November, 2020

History vs. Opera: The Anonymous Lover

Tue 10 November, 2020

Discover Joseph Bologne and The Anonymous Lover

Tue 27 October, 2020

A Conversation with the Creators of Edge of a Dream: An Opera About Ada Lovelace

Tue 13 October, 2020

Il Trovatore in Context with James Conlon

Tue 6 October, 2020

Dr. Naomi André on "Surviving Opera: Verdi’s Azucena from Il Trovatore

Tue 29 September, 2020

History vs. Opera: Il Trovatore

Tue 15 September, 2020

Roundtable Conversation with LA Opera's Youth Leaders

Tue 1 September, 2020

Women Leading the Way in Opera - A Post-Performance Conversation

Tue 18 August, 2020

Director James Gray in Conversation with LA Opera's Christopher Koelsch

Tue 4 August, 2020