Want to know all the opera content coming your way and how to tune in?

Well, you’re in the right place. Check out our weekly schedule and a step-by-step guide on how to LAO at Home with us below.

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How to LAO at home with us

You might have been tuning in since our first Living Room Recital in March or you could have stumbled upon our streams today. Either way, we think everyone could use a refresher (or a first-timer guide) on how to catch all the opera programming we have for you each week.  

  1. We post our schedule for the following week on this page and our Facebook page every Friday, and send out an email with more information about what’s on it. Need to subscribe to our email list? Do that here. Want to follow us on Facebook? Do that here.  
  2. After you check out what we have in store, you can decide what you want to see. Block off the time on your calendar, write a reminder note for yourself—whatever you need to do.  
  3. Your opera time has been penciled in and it’s time to catch the stream you’ve been waiting for. You have two options: you can watch it on our LAO at Home homepage (by clicking here) or on our Facebook page (by clicking here). Our homepage is updated every day with our scheduled content. If you don’t see the video on the page right away, give it a minute or two and refresh the page. We promise it’ll be there.  
  4. All that’s left is to enjoy! 

But wait.  

Did you end up missing something you really wanted to see? Don’t sweat, we archive everything on our website so you can watch it when you get the chance.  

Just scroll down on the LAO at Home homepage and click on the category you’re looking for. Living Room Recitals host all of our past recitals, From the Vault has our production streams, you can find Conlon’s Corner, Opera Happy Hours and Il TRIVIAtore under Learn at Home, and Opera Family Time has all the content for your little ones 

Now, check out our schedule to see what we have in store for you next week.