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Living Room Recital: Robert Stahley

Posted on: July 7, 2020

Our LAO at Home concerts continue as Robert Stahley brings your (and his) favorite songs from his living room to yours. 
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View his program below:

Robert Stahley, tenor 
Accompanied by Jeremy Frank and Brendon Shapiro 
Program subject to change 
"Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater" (from Richard Wagner's Die Walküre) 
Jeremy Frank, piano 
"The Road Goes Ever On" (song cycle by Donald Swann, poetry by J.R.R. Tolkien) 
Brendon Shapiro, piano 
1. The Road Goes Ever On 
2. Upon the Hearth the Fire is Red 
3. In the Willow-meads of Tasarinan 
4. In Western Lands 
5. Namárië (Farewell) 
6. I Sit Beside the Fire 
7. Errantry 
8. Bilbo's Last Song 
9. Lúthien Tinúviel