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Opera's Most Watched (at Home)

Posted on: August 17, 2020

Our first LAO at Home recital premiered nearly five months ago, and since then, we've been giving you a weekly dose of virtual opera you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.  

To celebrate this milestone and your continued support, we wanted to round up the five LAO at Home videos you watched the most. From number five up to number one, these are the virtual opera programs audiences couldn’t get enough of. 

5. Arturo Chacón-Cruz 


Kicking off our list is Arturo Chacón-Cruz's Living Room Recital. He serenad
ed us oh-so-sweetly in English and Spanish, so it's wonder the tenor topped the charts. If you're among the few who missed his live performance (or if you loved it so much and want to watch it again), you can still seeand hear—all the musical magic this talented tenor brought to our home screens.  

4. Lawrence Brownlee 

#LAOAtHOME concerts continue LIVE, featuring Lawrence Brownlee, as he brings your (and his) favorite songs from his living room to yours. LA Opera is... | By LA OperaFacebook

At number four is Lawrence
Brownlee. He has dazzled audiences across the globe as one of the world’s foremost Mozart and bel canto tenors. This time, he teamed up with pianist Myra Huang for a special online performance that blew us (and you) away. But this isn’t his only appearance in our top five list. Keep scrolling to see what other chart-topping program he was featured in. 

3. Taylor Raven 

#LAOAtHOME concerts continue LIVE, featuring Taylor and Ryan Raven, as they bring your (and their) favorite songs from their living room to yours. | By LA OperaFacebook

Next up is mezzo-soprano Taylor Raven with her husband Ryan Raven. This
mezzo-soprano quickly became a standout performer in our young artist program. She last appeared on our main stage as Annio in the 2019 production of The Clemency of Titus, but wowed audiences from our virtual stage just a few months ago 

2. Janai Brugger  

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We’re not surprised this powerhouse of a performer
(another young artist alum) made the number two spot on this list. Janai Brugger and her husband Javier Orman put on such a stellar show, we had to watch it over and over again. Need a refresher on just how incredible she is? Make sure you watch this recital if you haven’t already.  

1. Lift Every Voice  

Together with Mezzo-Soprano J'Nai Bridges, Mezzo-Soprano , today's discussion on racial disparity and inequality features our panel of renowned artists... | By LA OperaFacebook

The number one most watched LAO at Home program to date is Lift Every Voice. This panel moderated by mezzo-soprano J’Nai Bridges features
renowned artists including Julia Bullock, Lawrence Brownlee, Russell Thomas, Karen Slack, and Morris Robinson. These heroically candid artists led a long overdue conversation on injustice and racial disparities in classical music. This powerful and poignant conversation is a must-see for any opera fan. 

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