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Why Opera Camp? Hear From Our Experts.

Posted on: February 25, 2019

Are you between the ages of 9-17 years old, and looking to get on stage and have fun this summer? We have a spot for you at Opera Camp just for you! The three-week intensive is back, where you rehearse and perform an opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Whether you’ve mastered your first Mozart piece, or you’ve never sung a note, you’ll find your voice here.

Why should you join Opera Camp? We could tell you…But instead we asked the experts. Keep reading to find out what former Opera Campers have to say about why they love Opera Camp.

“What I love about Opera Camp is the experiences and relationships it has given me. Being able to participate in a program in which I was able to collaborate with others and develop a deeper understanding of both history and myself has proved invaluable in further understanding the world we live in today. Along with that, Opera Camp gave me the chance to gain strong friendships that have lasted to this day and have been an integral part of my life.” –Maurissa Dawson, age 15

“I love Opera Camp because in addition to putting together a show, we also dive deep into the history behind the story. Knowing the necessary context helps us realize the significance of the work and why it is important that we continue to tell the story today. This experience has changed the way I think about art and taught me what it means to be an artist.” Maggie Liu, age 16

“I absolutely love Opera Camp because it has helped me grow and taught me how to use my voice to its full potential. I also enjoy the stories of the operas and how we get to study history and even meet men and women who persevered through those times.” –Grace Hahn, age 15

What will you love about Opera Camp? Sign up to audition today and find out!