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Join Our Song

Posted on: July 15, 2021

Throughout the last year and a half, our song never left—and neither did you.

Opera has been around for a long time (and we really mean a long time). Opera has endured while fires, floods, earthquakes and even wars ravaged its theaters. But opera was still performed while those beloved houses were repaired and rebuilt, because nothing can stop our song.

Once those theaters reopened, they were better and stronger than before. Audiences returned with a renewed love and appreciation of the art form, knowing that opera was always, and will always, be there—regardless of where "there" is—to heal us and bring us together once more.

There was a year and a half gap when our song was not heard in our theater, but as history shows, that doesn't mean it ever stopped (or ever will) when we have supporters like you who keep it alive.

Hear our story, told by the incredible Angela Basset as Opera’s Everywoman. Experience the magical spark of our operatic community coming together again below.

Cast and Credits 

Everywoman Voice: Angela Basset 
Direction and Animation: Michal Socha and Kuba Socha
Executive Producer: Tim Johnson
Producer: Ron Diamond
Sound Design and Mixing:  Rick Hromadka 
: Gina Vadnais
Original Concept: Keith Rainville
Costume Supervisor: Jeannique Prospere
Music Editor: Terrance Ellis
Historical Research: Mark Lyons, Elias Feghali

Music Track: 
Singer: Hui He
Orchestra: Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ivan Anguelov conductor 
Composer: Giacomo Puccini 

LA Opera Executives: 
Diane Bergman, Vice President, Marketing, Communications and IT
Eric Bornemann, Senior Director of Marketing