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Community, Connection and Music: 4 Reasons To Come To Our Community Educator’s Summer Program

Posted on: June 11, 2019

We know you love opera – wouldn’t it be fun to share that with all of Los Angeles? That’s why we created our Community Educator’s Summer Training Program (aka Summer Camp for Opera Superfans). Come hang out with us and we’ll show you how to transform your passion for opera into interactive presentations that inspire, delight and inform audiences of all ages throughout the Los Angeles community. Not sure you want a summer full of gorgeous music and an insider’s look at LAO? Here’s 4 more reasons to make this an opera summer, all from our current educators.

1. Inspire A New Generation Of Music Lovers 

“If I had to choose, my heart belongs to these, the next generation of opera lovers. Whether they are as young as elementary school kids or college age men and women, I just love to watch their faces, particularly if they are new to this art form. I can see what I am bringing to them and how they are enjoying it for the first time.” - Steve Kohn

2. Learn Something New

“I became a Community Educator to serve and enlighten others, but I now realize that the person who has benefitted the most from it is me! Because this is the key to loving opera: The more often I hear or see it, the more I involve myself with the story and the music, the deeper I'll penetrate the work, and the more I can truly love and enjoy it.” – Ray Busmann

3. Give Everyone A Chance To Experience Opera 

“I particularly enjoy bringing opera to people in the community who have difficulty in seeing the live performances downtown. Many seniors love opera and have experienced opera all over the world during their lifetimes, and the opportunity to relive and describe some of their memories of their wonderful experiences during my talks enriches the discussion.” – Bill Green

4. Become A Tech Genius. (Yes Really!) 


“I thoroughly enjoy finding interesting ways to share my new knowledge of opera with people. . . I have learned a lot about my computer and all of the wonderful things it can do to help me present my newfound knowledge of opera.” – Mary Johnston

ClICK HERE for more information on how you can join us this summer.