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Leilani Frailich
as The Bird in Brundibár

Posted on: May 13, 2020

(L-R) Leilani Fralich as The Bird in Brundibár and with opera camp pal at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 
Leilani Fralich Bird Leilani Frailich at DCP

Name:  Leilani Frailich
Grade: 11

Opera Activities:  Leilani has participated in Opera Camp for the last 2 years, along with the LA Opera 90012 program! Her best memory was being privileged enough to meet so many new and amazing people, along with learning more about the depths of music. She is proud of being able to accomplish two shows with the program.
Opera Character: Leilani choose to this particular image from her Opera Camp performances of Brundibár because it has made her realize how much she has been able to learn from these wonderful experiences.
Opera Future: Leilani hopes that once the quarantine is over, she will be able to continue with an internship for the summer camp program. She also wants to become an ambassador for next year’s LA Opera 90012 program.

Brundibár IMAGE CREDIT: Taso Papadakis