For twelve years, Angelica Mata has dedicated herself to the exquisite art form of Mariachi music. With over nine years’ experience, she serves as a teacher to both children and adults of varies ages as the instructor of the “Armonia Class” held under The Mariachi Conservatory, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the art form of Mariachi music. As she has remained loyal to The Mariachi Conservatory, she has newly been promoted to hold a seat as a board member, handling all creative planning and concept creation.  Angelica served as the onsite coordinator for LA Opera Connects'  Zarzuela Project, aiding the project’s mission in offering the enjoyable experience of learning, performing, and singing the beautiful art form. Angelica is also a long-time member of Mariachi Voz de America, performing for eight years as their guitar player. She has performed in collaboration opportunities with Netflix alongside the group, with the names of said projects still to be held in secrecy. As a member, she has also received the privilege and honor of performing alongside Grammy award-winning mariachi groups, such as Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Mariachi Los Camperos de Naticano and Mariachi Divas. Angelica was also granted the opportunity to attend the marvelous “Grammy Camp,” in which she was able to produce and write her own songs. Earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban Learning from the California State University of Los Angeles, she incorporates all she experiences into her teaching methods, modifying and shaping her teaching method depending on her students. Using the experience, she gained as a teacher assistant for six years, Angelica is grateful and humbled for the opportunity to teach her very own kindergarten class. Through her involvement and dedication to the art from of Mariachi music, she has gained crucial experience that she not only incorporates to her classroom, but also to her everyday life.