Nicholas Brownlee hosts il triviatore, a lively pub-style trivia game, on facebook live.

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How to get your trivia on

1. Follow the LA Opera Facebook page and you’ll be notified when we go “Live." Once we do, join our livestream (the same way you join in for our Living Room Recitals and From the Vault streams). 

2. Have a paper and pen handy (old school, we know) and as Nick asks each question, write your answer down.

3. At the end of each category, Nick will open up the comments. That's when you can fire off your answers as fast as possible.

4. After the game is over, Nick will tally up the scores and announce winners the next day on our Facebook page (and winners just might get featured on our website too). And that's it! Now, study up on your opera knowledge and get ready to play. 

Pro-tip: if you want to make sure you can't see the comments (because you know some will be too excited to wait until the end of the category to answer) you can swipe right to hide the comment section, and swipe left once you're ready to answer.