A county-wide festival of performances, conversations and happenings

What happiness it would be to cry.

I was not lonely, only alone with myself,
begging myself not to leave my own body.
But I was leaving.
Good-bye, head—I said.
How do you say good-bye to yourself?
Excerpt from Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice

Inspired by the world premiere of Eurydice, a new opera created by composer Matthew Aucoin and librettist Sarah Ruhl, artists and scholars across the city will upend the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, leading us into daring new understandings of its enduring hold on us. Through a festival of performances, conversations and happenings (January through March, 2020), we say good-bye to our vague preconceptions and misconception about this famous character who gets left behind in the underworld. This time, Eurydice speaks for herself.

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