The Prospector

Transport your little ones (and yourself!) to the rugged American West where a colorful cast of characters meet in a mining camp during the 1850’s California Gold Rush. Here in this wild and untamed country, a prospector charms a group of coyotes with a story of cowboys and miners competing for the love of a strong and beautiful woman. The Prospector is our celebration of Puccini's The Girl of the Golden West by Lee Holdridge and Richard Sparks, and directed by Eli Villanueva.  (Filmed in 2010 at the Saban Theatre.)

Directed for Film by Kenneth Shapiro

The Prospector - LeRoy Villanueva
Minnie - Alisa Peterson
Johnson - Tyler Thompson
Sheriff Rance - Cedric Berry
Coyote/Miner - Kindra Scharich
Coyote/Miner - Johnathan McCullough
Coyote/Miner - Dennis Rupp

Pianist/Conductor - Catherine Miller
Synthesizer - Vivian Liu
Percussion - Raymond Frisby

Costume Designer - Paula Higgins
Additional Sets Designer - Melissa Ficociello
Original In-School Opera set design by Dena D’Angelo and costume design by Monica Butler. 

lesson plans for The Prospector

Art Activity for The Prospector