Digital Shorts Fact Sheet (2021/22 Season)

Project: The First Bluebird of the Morning
Composer: Carlos Simon
Librettist: Sandra Seaton
Director/choreographer: Jamar Roberts
Dancer: Lloyd Knight
Musical performers: tenor Joshua Blue, cellist Anja Wood, pianist Howard Watkins
Premiere: September 24, 2021

Project: We Hold These Truths
Composer: Tamar-kali 
Text: poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes and Claude McKay
Director: dream hampton
Musical performers: tenor Ashley Faatoalia, baritone Cedric Berry, violin soloist Curtis Stewart, Selah Gospel Choir, spoken word artist Samuel Getachew, members of the LA Opera Orchestra, conductor Anthony Parnther
Premiere: March 4, 2022

Project: Between the Rooms
Composer: Anna Clyne
Text: verses by Emily Dickinson
Director/Choreographer: Kim Brandstrup
Dancers: Alina Cojocaru, Matthew Ball
Musical performers: soprano Joelle Harvey and a string quintet comprised of members of The Knights, conducted by Eric Jacobsen.
Premiere: May 13, 2022

All programs, artists and dates are subject to change.  

Last updated: May 10, 2022