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From Sketch to Stage

Orpheus & Eurydice

Follow the making of the NEW PRODUCTION of Orpheus & Eurydice from LA Opera and The Joffrey Ballet. Here you'll find a steady stream of behind-the-scenes photos, making-of featurettes and insights into the inspiration and process of bringing this ground-breaking collaboration to life.



Early March, 2018 — Rehearsals come to Los Angeles

The Chicago crew has arrived in LA and works hand in hand with James Conlon and the LA Opera staff in the days leading up to the March 10 opening night. 




September 23, 2017 — The production opens in Chicago

See stage photos from what the Chicago Tribune called "An achingly beautiful dream of a show" by clicking below:


August, 2017 — Costuming the Joffrey

The Joffrey Ballet Costume Shop fits dancers in their final stage wears. 

The "Snake Fury" costume nears completion. Can't wait to see what the final get-up looks like in March.

And we're utterly fascinated by this "Stone Fury" costume! How does one ballet dance when clad as a human disco ball?

Photos courtesy of Joffrey Ballet.



August, 2017 — Technical Rehearsal

John Neumeier and Chicago Lyric Opera's Lighting Director Chris Maravich hard at work lighting the recently completed sets.

Images ©Todd Rosenberg / LOC 


July, 2017 — Dance rehearsals in Chicago


John Neumeier and the dancers of the Joffrey Ballet prepare for the September premiere at Lyric Opera of Chicago.

With a hint of the costume designs to come...

Photos ©Andrew Cioffi


June, 2017 — Set models emerge...

John Neumeier's set designs in model form offer a sneak peek at what we'll be enjoying in March of 2018. His challenge is to create a space that projects the drama and grandeur of opera, while leaving the requisite stage space for an entire ballet troupe to perform.

Somehow there's room for a car!

And yes, a massive depiction of "Isle of the Dead" unfolds...

May, 1880 — Painting an Island

Swiss Symboilist painter Arnold Böcklin completes the first of several versions of his best known work, "Isle of the Dead." It goes on to inspire and influence a host of other artists, including Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger, and eventually Orpheus & Eurydice auteur John Neumeier. 

In Neumeier's conception of Gluck's opera, Orpheus is a modern choreographer creating a piece inspired by the iconic painting, and Eurydice is his leading ballerina.