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Fun Facts about LA Opera

  • The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion can seat up to 3,098 people.
  • Each opera requires nearly 32,000 man hours of preparation.
  • 3 cans of cola are mopped onto the stage to prevent slipping.
  • 50 liters of vodka are used per season to clean costumes.
  • Placido Domingo and James Conlon have a combined 93 years of experience.
  • Over 400 English captions are projected above the stage for each performance.
  • 600,000 yards of thread are used for costumes.
  • The LA Opera Orchestra has 58 regular members.
  • 572 pieces of articial fruit are in storage, ready to be used for any production.
  • An average of 41 technicians, carpenters and electricians are backstage for each opera.
  • 200 sets of false eye lashes are used each season.
  • Yak hair is used for wigs because of its durability and flexibility.
  • An average of 700 stage lights are used for each production.
  • 71 miles of aircraft cable holds up the batten pipes on stage.
  • 240 man hours are needed for dressing wigs and facial hair for chorus members.
  • The interior of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion features 78 crystal light fixtures.
  • The Eva and Marc Stern Grand Hall features three chandeliers each made with 24,000 individual pieces of hand-polished crystal.
  • LA Opera owns more than 50 productions.