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Blog entries posted during August 2012

Don Giovanni Scenery Load-In

The Don Giovanni set has arrived! Seven (7) forty-foot shipping containers (over 16,000 cubic feet) of scenery and props traveled to Los Angeles from Chicago via rail and truck. Our union stage crew of approximately 50 stagehands has been extremely busy this week. By day five the crew is sixty hours into assembling the set, hanging lights, building and repairing props, touching up scenery and prepping all aspects of technical production. 

Don Giovanni stage crew

Stage crew unloading a spectacular silk flame effect which will rise through the Giovanni stage floor on cue

LA Opera scenic painters

Scenic painters applying new artwork to a Giovanni backdrop at the request of the set designer

LA Opera stage with lighting  equipment

The stage looks empty early in the process of hanging more than 700 lighting fixtures at stage level. Lighting equipment is lowered on ‘battens’ that are lifted 40 feet in the air for the production.

LA Opera shop

Carpenters building platforms for use as mock-up scenery in the rehearsal room