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Blog entries posted during June 2012

La Boheme Technical Analysis

After a one to two year process of working with the design team on the concept and creation of renderings and models for a new set, one of the tasks of the Technical Department is to analyze, draw, engineer and supervise construction of the scenery and props for that new production. Our popular production of La Boheme was built new in 1993 and has been presented repeatedly here and at other opera companies.

Los Angeles Opera La Boheme

Act 1: Los Angeles Opera production of La Boheme onstage in 2012

Each time we revive the production, we meticulously study the technical drawings. This becomes especially critical since our productions often play in rep with other varying productions when they are revived. This package of archived drawings and documentation accompanies the production when it travels to another opera company.

Los Angeles Opera La Boheme

3D “exploded” view construction drawing of La Boheme set unit as built by Seattle Opera Scenic Studios. This illustrates how the individual components are assembled. (Click and zoom for large detailed image.)

3D AutoCAD drawing: Act 1 La Boheme on DCP Stage (Click and zoom for large detailed image.)

This short video captures some of the La Boheme scenery as it is unloaded from the trucks, assembled, and handled onstage.